Peter. Pecker. Wiener. Dick. Schlong. Penis. no matter what we elect to name it, the penis is greater than only a physique half. This A-to-Z encyclopedia explores the cultural meanings, interpretations, and actions linked to the penis over the centuries and throughout cultures.

Scholars, activists, researchers and clinicians delve into the penis in antiquity, in artwork, in faith, in politics, in media, in tune, and within the cultural mind's eye. They learn the penis as an issue, a fetishized commodity, a weapon, an item of play. Penile décor and fashions—from piercings to koteka—are handled with equivalent dignity. rationalization of universal scientific phrases and not-so-common subcultural practices upload to the huge scope of the e-book. Taken jointly, the Cultural Encyclopedia of the Penis offers fresh, considerate, and wide-ranging perception into this malleable, significant physique part.

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